Limitless range, endless possibilities

Go live over multiple network connections from anywhere in the world with the new Bond broadcasting solution. Stream to unlimited video destinations simultaneously, transcode you footage, and remotely manage your system, all from the cloud.

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Streaming On Set is an exclusive official Key-seller from leading brands in the market as Teradek, Convergent Desingn, Small HD, Wooden Camera & Ultralight Control System.

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Streaming On Set offers a wide range of wireless and monitoring solutions for the entire audiovisual and communication companies, tell us about your project and we will choose the best option for you.



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As a company dedicated to streaming we offer different possibilities of sending signal either through RF or 3G/4G systems with minimum delay without distance limit.

Basically we are dedicated to the “Service”, advertising where we work with brands of world-wide order as Teradek, SmallHD or Covergent Design among others, known internationally in the world of the cinematography. In our day to day we monitor live image for focus puller, operators, DOP, director, agency, … either on their own monitors or iOS devices. The signal can be obtained from a Scorpio/Russian arm, Helicopter, or any moving device.

This experience has allowed us to introduce ourselves in different fields such as sports, musical events or television, introducing the monitoring and recording for live or broadcast in social networks also including the possibility of 360 / VR.

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