Guarantee the bandwidth you need

ShareLink™​ ​ allows you to achieve maximum bandwidth and ultimate reliability for mobile broadcast by bonding multiple Internet connections from different sources. With the robust connectivity of ShareLink™​, you can be sure that your Full HD live stream will get to your audience every time.

  • Combine multiple internet connections: Ethernet, USB and WiFi through a router, or WiFi through multiple iPhones running the VidiU app. ShareLink is not compatible with Android phones.
  • Monitor ShareLink’s usage with a real-time bandwidth graph available in the VidiU App.
  • ShareLink subscriptions are enabled per Teradek device. That means one VidiU Pro requires only one subscription, no matter how many iPhones or network connections you use.

What is ShareLink and how can it help me?

How many times have you arrived at a venue only to discover your Internet link can’t support an HD stream? Or how about the times when WiFi and ethernet are nowhere to be found? With ShareLink, your bandwidth woes are over. By combining connectivity from iOS devices, WiFi, ethernet, or USB modems, ShareLink allows you achieve stable, high quality streaming from locations you otherwise couldn’t go live from.

How does it work?

ShareLink is a network aggregation service, commonly referred to as “bonding”. It allows you to combine bandwidth from multiple network connections to increase your uplink speed for more reliable and higher quality streaming.

Say, for example, that you and a friend arrive at a location with no Ethernet or WiFi available. Your only option for streaming is your phone’s LTE connection, but it’s giving you just 1 Mbps. This just isn’t enough for a solid HD stream. With traditional encoders, this is all the bandwidth you could work with, but with ShareLink you can connect up to 3 additional iPhones for more bandwidth and redundancy. Instead of 1 Mbps, you now have 2 Mbps or whatever the total uplink speed is between the iPhones wirelessly connected to VidiU Pro.

What if I don’t want to use my phone’s data connection?

The cool thing about ShareLink is that it can combine network connections from WiFi, ethernet, or cellular sources. This means you can use several cellular connections at once, a combination of cellular and ethernet, or any mix in-between. In fact, you can swap connections in and out as you go should one of your links go down or if you need to manage your data use.

When the VidiU Pro’s Wi-Fi setting is in AP mode — meaning it’s creating its own Wi-Fi network — you can use up to (4) iPhones.

When the VidiU’s Pro’s Wi-Fi setting is in Client mode — meaning that it’s connecting to another wireless network such as a mobile hotspot or a home or business router — the VidiU Pro will make a single connection to the ShareLink service and you cannot use any iPhones.

In either case — AP or Client mode — you can also use (1) supported USB modem and (1) Ethernet connection on the VidiU Pro.

Where are ShareLink servers located?

We have servers in Australia, Europe, and the USA.

Is there a fee to use ShareLink?

ShareLink is available as an optional subscription for VidiU Pro users only. For $19.90/month, you can stream 50GB of data. That is up to 22 hours in Full HD (5.2 Mbps) or 79 hours at 1.4 Mbps. For $49.90/month, you can stream all you want with no limits.

Is there any risk to using ShareLink? Can the quality of my stream suffer?

There is very little risk using this feature. ShareLink intelligently splits up the stream over your network connections and then stitches it back together on our servers. There is no data or quality loss. Should one of your links go down, VidiU Pro will intelligently lower the bitrate of your stream to maintain optimal quality until your downed connection is restored.

How many connections can I use at once?

ShareLink supports up to 4 wireless connections from iOS devices at one time, which means any combination of iPhones and iPads with cellular links. Additionally, even if you use the maximum number of wireless connections, you can still add bandwidth from ethernet and a USB cellular modem on top of it for a grand total of 6 links. That’s a lot of bandwidth!

Are there any additional contracts required?

The great thing about ShareLink is that it does not require you to sign up for new contracts with your cellular service provider. Simply use the existing data connection on your iPhone or even your friends’ iOS devices.


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