Streaming on set



Streaming On Set offers the possibility of transmitting HD images through 3G / 4G networks making it possible to receive it anywhere in the world on any device that has an internet connection and the ability to play video with a network protocol with Applications such as VLC or QuickTime Player.

The 3G / 4G service makes it possible to monitor live picture anywhere in the world only with an internet connection required. Streaming on set has configured its own sputnik server providing stability and maximum control over the signal being able to influence on the basic parameters as the bit rate or load over buffer to ensure the highest image quality.

The facilities offered by this compact and lightweight system are endless offering amenities never before experienced on the set, allowing the set up of a base camp where customers can receive all live signals from any geographical point in real time with a minimum delay. Its size and weight allows us to be able to install it in helicopters, vehicles, boats, etc … without occupying hardly space and without any type of wiring. We understand that this system will be in a short future a really efficient system to offer a quality service with a differential point capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients.

In order to use this system, it is only necessary to consider that the area where we are ready to carry out the project has sufficient 3G / 4G telephone coverage. Streaming on set provides the provision of data with different companies, being able to choose at any time the one that best suits the coverage situation, the subject of downloading data is left to the company that in this case contracts the service, requiring only A reliable internet connection, either via ethernet cable (preferable) or wifi. The monitoring signal can also be viewed on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones or laptops where you only need to download the VLC application and run a network address that the streaming technicians will provide.

Here you can take a look to our youtube channel list of spots in which Streaming has used the Bonding 3 / 4G technology.