Streaming on set



Streaming on set offers different Wifi transmission systems to monitor any SDI / HDMI signal, either from camera to video assist, from video assist to director’s handheld, from camera to focus puller or all of them simultaneously since we have the resources to give the solution to any audiovisual production.

The main function of the Bolt family is the signal transmission to several reception points, consisting of different generations and models that offer us a wade range of distances suitable for each situation.

The most common configuration is when the TX is placed in the main camera from and the signal is served to focus puller, VTR and Customers. Depending on the distances of them, we will choose one or the other model.

Up to four receivers per transmitter can be included. Some of the possibilities offered by the Bolt family are the ability to apply LUTs in real time or the possibility of recording through the trigger.

Here some of the work done with this technology, the most used at the moment in the advertising shoots.