Streaming on set



Streaming on set technicians plan and design a workflow together with the video-assist. The figure of the wireless technician will be responsible of serving HD video via Wifi or 3G/4G networks from the camera to all points where is required whether handheld monitors, the video assist combo or the  basecamp agency village/clients. Seeking at all times the most optimal solution to ensure its good reception.

The figure of the Wireless Technician is an essential part for wireless or wireless communication, in which the communication (sender/receiver) is not connected by a medium of physical propagation but is used the modulation of electromagnetic waves through space. In this sense, the physical devices are only present in the transmitters and receivers of the signal, among which we find: antennas, portable, PDA, mobile phones, etc. The figure of the technician in this case is essential to be able to configure the equipment according to The geographic needs of the environment, in order to choose the best type of antenna, connection or wireless equipment that suits the needs of the shooting due streaming on set has different types of equipment, transmitters and encoders that can communicate in different ways either through its own network, through antennas, 3G/4G connection, etc.

All the equipment of streaming is checked before leaving the headquarters, including all the necessary accessories (cables, supports, power adapters, batteries, …) If there is any unexpected incidence our technical team is always available to try to solve the problem but we always recommend having the figure of the technician on set to be able to perform its correct manipulation.